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er265alb15 departments with preset prices and names

Time reporting on sales quantity and dollar value per hour

electronic recording of previous sales up to 1800 lines

thermal printing means less moving parts

6 lines for upper receipt logo

6 lines for lower receipt logo

printing of receipt only when you require one

design ideal for businesses with limited counter space.



- Trendy and compact design for small business
- Superb performance with on small size
- interface RS-232C
Check out attached keyboard template below and brochure




Enjoy high reliability and
protection from spills
where food and drinks
are served. Use the
easy-to-insert key sheet
to customize your key
labels. Initial set up is
fast and changes are
easy to manage.
Fast Thermal Printer
The ER-265 thermal
printer is programmable
to select receipt or
journal printing up to 32
characters per line and
accepts 58mm (2¼")
paper. Prints a 6-line
preamble and 6-line
postamble receipt
message. Optionally
print a user defined
graphic logo, coupon or
advertising message.
15 Department Keys
The SAM4s ER-265’s
flat, spill-resistant
keyboard features
15 programmable
departments with
18-character alpha
descriptors. Positive
or negative preset
departments are
available to price and
count fast moving items.
Departments may be
designated ‘single item’
departments for fast
registration of single item
1,000 PLUs
Use the ER-265’s price
look ups (PLUs) to
automatically price and
track sales for up to
1,000 items.
Automatic Tax Calculation
The ER-265 manages up
to three tax tables.
Department and PLUs
can be programmed to
apply any combination of
taxes. If necessary, tax
status can be shifted as
items are entered, or at
the completion of the
Real Time Clock –
Hourly Sales Reporting
The ER-265’s real time
clock automatically prints
the time, changes the
date and generates a
sales by hour report
detailing the net sales
and customer count for
each hour of the day.
Financial and Cash In
Drawer Reports
The SAM4s ER-265
gives you an easy-toread
and understand
review of your business
with a complete analysis
of your department sales,
function totals and actual
drawer totals.
Period-To-Date Reports
The ER-265’s period-todate
financial report
provides a summary of
daily reports for weekly,
monthly or yearly
Additional Features

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Webb Office Services provides point of sale equipment, cash registers and services to Ballarat, Bendigo & Horsham, Ararat, Stawell, Colac, Camperdown, Geelong, Hamilton,Maryborugh, ST Arnuad, Donald. Specialising in Touch Screen point of sale systems, training and support. We sell used cash registers as well.

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